A Day with the Beeart Man

Recently we took a short road trip to visit Ron Hall – ronhall.co.nz  who assembles composite 3D art pieces out of recycled beehives.  Such time- consuming and dirty work, and skill involved to produce the mostly abstract assemblages, which are a celebration of “the unexpected beauty and cultural traces, that are found in industrial waste.”

Ron gave us several hours of his time.  Our visit coincided with him having finished a large number of pieces for an upcoming one-man exhibition in Wellington New Zealand.   We toured his large workspace, which ranged over two levels.  Lots of room, plenty of light and untold areas filled with machinery for grinding, cutting and welding.  A gloriously dirty place where highly structured objects are made.

I do enjoy the look of plenty of texture which in this case is a natural by product of the many layers of repaint that have occurred over time.

Thank you Ron for an informative, enjoyable and fun day out.

This piece is mine

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