Indeed, what IS in a name?

Today I have added the word “studio” to my blog address.  It seemed appropriate,  because even though my artroom is now reduced to a 16 square metre space (also a bedroom and office )  it is still the place I go for “me time” to think, browse, write, make a mess,  hide from the TV,  and eventually……….. create.

According to Robert Genn, in the toolkit for making art you need six items:  time, space, series, media, books and desire.    Most of these I have in bigger or smaller amounts. I can set aside time, I have a space, I like to work in a series;  books and media are both available for when direction is needed; desire comes from process, which reinforces desire, which then becomes love.  You need love in your kit.



taking a refresher

been away visiting family and friends, good to have a chance to refresh the mind.  Plenty of artistic stimulation, great food, discussion and lots of walking around the old hometown which is changing and growing, but will always be ‘my place to stand’.