On the Street

For the month of July,  the Unlimited Palette art group are showing their varied and colourful artworks in the window of a large empty shop in the main street of Waihi.  This work  ” Tidal Forest”  is collage on board, and framed but not glassed.  There are another 50 or so paintings in the show, something for everyone’s taste and pocket. Sometimes it’s who you know not what you know that gives you a chance to do something different.
Tidal Forest

Working on Canvas

I  bought a long palette knife to play with and this is my first attempt using it. Kind of like buttering bread, and the ‘give’ of the canvas makes for unpredictable marks

The sky, the earth and the layers beneath.

This piece now available at Thames Art Gallery, on the coast road to Coromandel town

Strata scape

Nature is the artist here

The circle of life is a symbol of great hope.

Fallen leaves from the gingko trees are all about, making a carpet of gold on the ground in autumn.   Such beauty.  Nature is the artist with a magic touch.

gingko circle of life, 2013