Looking for Inspiration in a New Year

a hot, muggy afternoon, doodling in the  “studio” wanting to find some inspiration for my next series.  On the floor, canvases and boards which have already had a life, waiting there for a new one. My inner artists says “paint what YOU want”, but my sensible voice is saying    ” what do you have to say”.

there’s two lines of thought at play here.  Do I carry on making new pieces on fresh supports (canvas or board), or do I remake the old ones, cover over what is not pleasing, and carry on.  It’s a while since I sold anything, but then again I don’t have my work on show in many places.  Last year 2018, I had two serious showings which I worked towards by making pieces for a new series called Waste Not Wanted.  These were mainly smallish abstract works on canvas, with a 3 dimensional effect from recycled cardboard.

There are not many opportunities to put work in front of the public unless you go down the facebook or instagram path.  I will be taking part in a showing at the end of January when there are 5 artists from Unlimited Palette, in 3 studios, open to friends and family.  I have made a couple of new small works for this event, and expect to make a few more.  Mainly I am hoping to find the inspiration to carry on making the art that pleases me and also the people who get to see it.

my toolkit is open and ready…………………….


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