Out in the cool breeze

Yesterday six of us sat out in the cool breeze of an autumn morning to paint and draw at the local Beach.  It was sunny but not warm.  After an hour and a half we retreated to the local coffee shop for a well earned warming drink.

If what they say is true, this view could well be a thing of the past when climate change begins to bite.  These homes will be the first to feel the effects of rising sea levels.

This 6″  x  4″  drawing was done with a BIC 0.7mm pencil, a Pitt fibre pen and a bit of graphite.   I do see the possibility of a further, larger abstracted painting coming from this at a later stage.

North End houses

Seeing the Sights

Been away down south visiting museums and galleries, family and friends. Much to be enjoyed including a ‘bucket list’ trip to Stewart Island – well worth the bumpy island hop in a light plane.

Time now to get back into making my own art, preparing the garden for a rest  and settling in for autumn and winter. A good place to be at.  More soon……………..