Keeping abreast of the times

Greetings from Middle Earth, (or pretty close by)   –  37 degrees South actually, in New Zealand.

I have been reading on the blog of one of my favorite mixed media masters Seth Apter     how he has struggled to find the time to keep up with all his online accounts – blogging, facebook, instagram and so on.  It would seem that sitting at the computer writing screeds of what is on your mind, is no longer the thing to do.  Especially if you are a creative wizard who runs an online shop selling your own lines of mixed media supplies, along with touring the country taking workshops.  Can’t be all things to all people.  So he has finished with his blog  but retained his website because that is where his core business is.  I don’t blame him.

Where is the joy in being creative when you are up til 3am answering multiple feedback responses.  I had reason to ask a question of him not so long ago, to do with items in his shop, so it was business related.  He gave a response within 12 hours, and I thought at the time …’this guy must be awake 24/7 or he has a backup staff who do the menial tasks while he gets on with his creative life.’

So my question is this:  How can we be creatively engaged with the wider world while still being true to our artistic selves.  Do you have the answer?