Nothing to Lose

Putting layers of opaque paint over an already layered board substrate,  my preferred surface for collaging, scraping, sanding back and generally degrading the surface.  Many colours applied at random, new and varied colours I would not normally try.  Perhaps it could be harmonised with a glaze, but what to choose.

Mardi Gras

From Level 2 – Pasquale

Trying out black oilstik on Pittura 300gsm  and then adding colour with acrylic.  Gives an interesting effect on this ridged paper.  I quite like it.

Another small piece only 15 cms square.

People are asking is it because of the Lockdown that I am working small and tight.  I don’t think so.  But I like the idea of having a body of work which relates one to another, and which I can show in due course as   “this is what I did under lockdown ”  –  Level 2 now.


# 15 in the Lockdown series

L.D # 15   This is a relative of the previous piece, a bit more structure and linear approach here. Getting the balance. Could make a diptych in due course.  The graphite gives the underpainting a slight sparkle, hard to see in this pic.  Using a palette knife and the edge of the card as I often do, and scoring the straight lines with a sharpened  stick.


a small surprise

Not much happening in this mid-summer heat.

A few hours of collage and play, and look what you get.  Overlaid on a canvas that has already had a few lives.  I’m liking it………………………..but is it finished?

small surprise

No. 2-20

Layered acrylic paint , gesso, graphite, and lots of sanding back, all on heavy watercolour paper.  Working small so as not to waste materials, and feeling OK about not having expectations of a finished painting at all.
black box

A Year in the Wilderness

2019 was a  “mixed up muddled up shook up world” with very little to show for it. Highs and lows in all areas.  Roll on 2020.

In order to get some traction I have started on a new path of markmaking.  An ongoing tutored workshop in 3 stages  –  first to play,  then explore and finally, to clarify.  Good things will hopefully come out of this, and at least give me the impetus to keep making marks.